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Dominium Cultural Hub believes that functional realization of human capabilities is crucial for sustainable development. Local, regional and global economic and socio-political state of affairs depends on the human capability potential and realization. Institutions, social groups and individuals should interact to provide functionalities for human realization in a manner that each person enjoys a productive life in line with one's believes and values.


We, at Dominium Cultural Hub consider social policy, education, arts and culture to play crucial role in constituting individual, as well as collective identities and socio-economic practices, leading towards sustainable democratic society.

By using interdisciplinary approaches, Dominium Cultural Hub designs and implements activities engaging people in processes of promotion and enhancement of social policy, education, arts and culture in a critical and creative manner.

Our activities include (but are not limited to):

           – Research and analysis related to social policy, education, arts & culture;

          – Organizing psycho-social, educational, cultural and artistic events to actively engage individuals and social groups in socio-cultural advancement;

           – Increasing public awareness about the state of affairs and the potential of social policy, education, arts & culture;

           – Researching, documenting, protecting and enhancing cultural traits (material, social and spiritual) in accordance to   core democratic principles (including cultural heritage);

          – Organizing, participating and promoting events related to social policy, education, arts & culture (including creative   industries);

          – Enhancing cultural and artistic craftsmanship and production with a focus on creative industries.



Social policy
Dominium tends to design and implement activities which actively involve individuals and social groups in processes of developing and enhancing social policies. The goal is to dismantle structural inequalities, providing opportunities and freedom for each person to practice one's economic and social rights.

Education is one of the core areas significantly influencing human development. Through its activities Dominium tends to promote and further develop the potentials of formal, in-formal and non-formal education in a manner that enhances functional realization of human capabilities.

Arts & Culture
Culture simultaneously constitutes the meanings and the limits to human action. Dynamic and contextual, cultural traits reproduce by pertaining traditional values, as well as, by creative and free social and artistic expression.

Dominium acts towards providing opportunities for each individual and social group to enjoy and participate in cultural activities and become artistically productive.


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