21st Century Schools


21st Century Schools

In the period of November – December 2018 ZG Dominium Cultural Hub was licensed provider of the project “21st Century Schools” which was organized and supported by Biro for development of education of Republic of Macedonia.

75 trainings with teachers from secondary schools from Skopje, Kumanovo, Veles, Kriva Palanka and Kratovo had been organized.

Main aim of the project was strengthening the capacities of the teachers from secondary education in working with the students in today’s modern context.

Project agenda consisted of four parts, which were brought in front of teachers using modern interactive techniques which is expected to further develop their competencies.


First part of the training was an introduction of basic developmental aspects of students in 21st century, as their cognitive, emotional and social development.

In the second part, basic skills for effective learning and professional development of each student were presented, such as creativity, critical thinking, emotional and digital media literacy and concept of cooperation and inclusion in educational process. These are the core  skills that the teachers have to focus on developing in modern education.

Main focus in the third part of the training was strengthening and supporting the teachers in process of better classroom management.

In the fourth part of the training the importance of positive school climate was pointed as basic factor for successful education and policies for strengthening school climate were discussed.