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7th and 8th April, 2021


Rijeka City Library 


The Learning/teaching/training/ activities 1 (LTTA 1) within the project was held on 7th and 8th April 2021 as a virtual event on ZOOM platform.

The two day training included representatives from all the partner organizations - Marija Milosevska, Ana Porizova and Vaska Bojadji from Dominium Cultural Hub Skopje (project coordinator), Niko Cvjetkovik and Tanja Badanjak from the City Library Rijeka (project partner) and Biljana Ilieva and Elka Simeonova from SOUEE "Konstantin - Cyril the Philosopher" Ruse (project partner).
The workshop presentations were delivered by 6 representatives from City Library Rijeka who are actively involved in working with children and young people in the field of Literacy and foreign languages: Kristina Dzoja, Anita Peshut, Jasenka Alic-Thadic, Vesna Kurilic, Sanja Dunatov and Kristijan Benic.

The participants on the two day training were 37 representatives from 6 different primary schools from Skopje and librarians from public libraries from Skopje.

The aim of the training was promotion and dissemination of the principles and modern methods and techniques in the field of extracurricular activities, project, clubs and corners, as well as method of cooperation with primary and secondary schools and wider community.


Rijeka City Library has been recognized as one of the most innovative Croatian public libraries regarding library services and programmes for its patrons.
The training started with introductory presentation as a short story about the library with the main focus on programmes and projects, especially those for children.

The participants from schools and libraries expressed their interest and satisfaction from this workshop on the evaluation forms they have filled.

Overview of training activities:
1. Online publishing projects Brickzine, Magazin, Rasadnik (Kristian Benić)
Rijeka City Library is a publisher of three online magazines - Magazin GKR (about books and reading), Brickzine culture for kids) and (about sustainable development).
Content marketing is a kind of strategy which library uses and this way is much more involved in the artistic and cultural activities of the community and generally raises the visibility of the library especially in the context of social networks. Though this presentation most important points of strategy were shared in a combination of thoughts about the biggest challenges and failures of the strategy.
2. Rijeka City Library American corner (Kristina Đoja)
American Corner, supported by Public Affairs Office at USA Embassy in Zagreb, is a part of the world-wide network of library spaces dedicated to American culture and lifestyle. This is a lively library corner hosting a large variety of activities, information resources and tech gadgets for everyone to test. In this presentation, there was an overview of all the activities and programmes supported by this project.
3. Library + Makerspace (Anita Pešut)
Makerspace in the library is no longer a novelty, but a necessity of every modern library. Makerspace can be organized in different ways. Rijeka City Library is one of the first libraries in the Republic of Croatia to hold regular trainings and 3D printing workshops for many years, thus contributing to the popularization of this technology. Working with a 3D printer involves a whole range of knowledge and skills that enables learning and creation in a new way. The workshops are held in the American Corner Rijeka in the Trsat branch. Workshop participants are mostly of different ages, and because of the coronavirus, video lessons were developed.
4. Introduction to book clubs (Jasenka Alić-Tadić, Vesna Kurilić, Sanja Dunatov)
A brief introduction about the history of books, reading, and book clubs. Defining the relationship between librarian and reader, ways of attracting readers and how to recommend books (takes place through conversation, getting to know each other and book presentation techniques).
In this interactive part motives for participating in this workshop, discussion of expectations from the workshop, research of personal impressions about the idea of book clubs and motivation for their organization in their organizations were discussed. The participants Jointly defined what a book club is, and got some recommendations on membership gathering.
5.Book club theory (Jasenka Alić-Tadić, Vesna Kurilić, Sanja Dunatov)
Theoretical presentation of all elements important for the formation of the club, ways the club can work, the selection of leaders and leading the discussion. Examples of good practice and guidance from the experiences of existing clubs. The theoretical part was followed by a workshop, in which everything said in advance was applied and at the end some focus discussions on the topics of club life, ways of survival and possible closure of clubs, and participant presentation of their ideal book club was made.

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