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7th and 8th June 2021


SOUEE "Konstantin Kiril Filosof"


In the period of June 7th – 8th 2021, 25 participants from a number of primary schools from Skopje had the opportunity to participate in the online training: “Workshop for development of learning literacy and other languages competences' through extracurricular activities”.
The training was facilitated by SOUEE "Konstantin - Cyril the Philosopher" Ruse, including several members of staff. The representatives from the leading and other partner organization were present.

The aim of this training was presentation of the extracurricular activities in the field of Literacy and studying foreign languages that teachers use in their work. We expected that through these presentations, the representatives from pilot schools will motivate and inspire to practice in this filed by their own.

SOUEE "Konstantin - Cyril the Philosopher" Ruse, Bulgaria is a school with great tradition in studying foreign languages. They are leaders on these field in the region and that is why their experiences and good practices are of great significance for our project outcomes and activities.
Overview of training activities:
The first day of the training offered insights into schools’ practices with designing and implementing a wide spectrum of extracurricular activities for improving student’s foreign language skills, while the focus of the second day was on creative online learning tools that educators can utilize with different age groups of students. The workshop fostered an exchange of experiences and knowledge between the participants. This was expressed in the evaluation form which participants filled.
1.The training started with an opening presentation by Mrs. Elka Simeonova, the school principle, on the topic - The school as a positive learning environment for acquiring skills and competences where she pointed out the importance of school environment for developing students’ knowledge, skills and competences and wellbeing.
2.Eight teachers presented several forms of extracurricular activities that they use for studying foreign languages. Music group “Children’s world”, Theatre performance – Metaphor studio, Learning English French, German and Russian in extracurricular activities in primary school, German through drama, etc.
3. Using on line applications for extracurricular activities (Coffee puzzle, Creative task, ICT tools for improving literacy and learning foreign languages)
4. Working on a script in German language – example of the process.
5. Questions & Discussion - All shared experiences and good practices by experienced teachers opened up a discussions, questions and feedbacks from the participants.    


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