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The first transnational project meeting was planned for Skopje-R.N.Macedonia, due to the globalCOVID-19 virus pandemic, the meeting will be done in the virtual setting. We will be using Zoom for the meeting. The instruction on how to download/use Zoom is added to this agenda.

The first Transnational meeting within the project “ECALL: Improving Literacy and learning other languages in elementary school pupils (primary schools) by developing knowledge, skills and attitudes (competences) within extracurricular activities” was held on Wednesday, October 14, 2020, on the ZOOM platform. The meeting included participants from all the partner organisations within the consortium - Marija Milosevska, Ana Porizova and Vaska Bojadji from Dominium Cultural Hub Skopje (project coordinator), Niko Cvjetkovik and Tanja Badanjak from the City Library Rijeka (project partner) and Biljana Ilieva and Elka Simeonova from SOUEE "Konstantin - Cyril the Philosopher" Ruse (project partner). 

During the meeting the partner organisations had an opportunity to get to know more about each other’s work, discuss financial and administrative aspects and some of the core project documents including the Evaluation and Monitoring plan and the Dissemination plan, as well as outline the timeframe for the implementation of the project activities. Adjustments of the project activities due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the prevention measures we also considered. 

The participants shared their hopes for conducting the following meeting and activities in persons, should the circumstances allow. 


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