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Concept and
Methodology for extracurricular activities for Literacy and studying other languages

Curriculum for realization of extracurricular activities in Literacy and studying other languages


Modules for teacher training for realization of extracurricular activities in Literacy and the studying other languages

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Развој на концепт и методологија за воннаставни активности за литература и учење на странски јазици 

Насоки за реализација на воннаставни активности за унапредување на писменоста и усвојување на странските јазици

Модули за обука на наставници за реализација на воннаставни активности од подрачјето на јазична писменост и усвојување на странски јазици во основните училишта




Transnational meeting 2

Project Code Number:2019-1-MK01-KA201-060287  


Transnational Project Meeting 2


Improving Literacy and learning other languages in elementary school pupils (primary schools) by developing knowledge, skills and attitudes (competences) within extracurricular activities”


Second Transnational Project Meeting took place in Skopje, North Macedonia, from 2 - 4 May 2022. The host organization Dominium cultural hub made a programme. The aim of this meeting was to sum up all work that has been done in this two years period and to discuss future steps.

At the beginning of the first day, Mrs. Ana Poprizova as a project coordinator, made a brief presentation of all work that has been done by the three project partners involved in the project. She presented all materials and outputs from the project activities. Then the representatives from partner organizations, Mr. Niko Cvjetković, Ms. Kristina Đoja Ahel and Ms. Tanja Badanjak from Gradska Knjiznica Rijeka shared their experiences about the project activities and cooperation in the last two years. They expressed the significance from the project activities for their organization. The representatives from school “Konstantin-Kiril Filosof” from Ruse, Bulgaria, Mrs. Elka Mateva Simeonovа, Mrs. Rumena Trendafilova and Mrs. Bilyana Dimitrova Ilieva – Valkanova pointed out the importance of mutual cooperation and developing the European dimension by Erasmus+ programme.

In the second part of the working session there was a discussion about project documentation and materials.

On second day a trip to Ohrid was organized. Ohrid, the city of UNESCO is a cradle of Macedonian culture, art and literacy. The representatives from host organizations were motivated to present the Macedonian cultural heritage to their partners.

The activities on the third day were focused on discussion about the final report, future collaboration and certification ceremony. The discussion was about promoting the products and outputs to the wider community and follow up activities that will bring sustainability to the project activities.

The partners expressed their motivation for future cooperation in other project and other relevant topics.

It was great experience finally meeting each other’s alive, after two years of working on line. The network was established and we believe that this team will work together in future.

 Agenda TPM2 02-05 May 2022


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Multiplier Event


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The Multiplier event within the project “ECCAL: Improving Literacy and learning other languages in elementary school pupils (primary schools) by developing knowledge, skills and attitudes (competences) within extracurricular activities” was held on Wednesday, March 16, 2022, in City library “Brothers Miladinovci” in Skopje. The event included participants from all the partner organizations within the project - Marija Milosevska, Ana Porizova and Vaska Bojadji from Dominium Cultural Hub Skopje (project coordinator), Niko Cvjetkovik and Tanja Badanjak from the City Library Rijeka (project partner) and Biljana Ilieva and Elka Simeonova from SOUEE "Konstantin - Cyril the Philosopher" Ruse (project partner).
The guests on the event were representatives from different primary schools, teachers and students from pilot schools, organizations who are active in this field, representatives from Educational department of “Centar” Municipality in Skopje and Bureau for Development of the Education of North Macedonia.
The event started at 12 am and lasted until 3 pm.
The aim of the event was promotion and dissemination of the project products and results to the wider community.
Dominium Cultural Hub presented the ECALL project, the achievements so far and the future activities. Three intellectual outputs and one field research were delivered in the frame of the project activities. They were presented in front of the guests and they were invited to visit the web page of the organization where all materials are attached for further scope and analysis.
Mrs. Vaska Bojadzi, as a member of the host organization opened the event, presented the project organization and partners, aims of the project and facilitated the presentations and discussion of the participants.
Mrs. Marija Miloshevska, as a director of the organization Dominium cultural hub presented field of work, projects and activities which were delivered in the eight years of existence of the organization.
Mrs. Ana Poprizova, as a project coordinator presented the activities and outputs from the project. First document is Concept and Methodology for extracurricular activities for Literacy and studying other languages and is based on review of literature (conceptual determination, contemporary theories, experiences in other countries with a particular focus on Bulgaria and Croatia) and description of the situation in North Macedonia.
Second document is Teachers’ guide for preparation of curriculum for realization of extracurricular activities in literacy and studying other languages with theoretical explanation of the principles and methodology for planning, organizing and realizing of the extracurricular activities in primary schools based on National educational standards of MoES and best practices developed by teachers from primary schools, piloted during the project. Third document - Modules for teachers’ training for realization of extracurricular activities for Literacy and studying other languages are based on the experiences and good practices from partner organizations.
The partner organizations offered a comprehensive presentation of the attributes of each of the organizations. They shared the benefit and effects from the project activities for their organizations and the importance of mutual cooperation and European perspective of Erasmus+ programme.
Mr. Oliver Stanojoski as a representative from Bureau for development of education of Republic of North Macedonia expressed his satisfaction of project results and pointed out the significance of materials for improving of methodology of realizing extracurricular activities in the field of language literacy and using languages.
Added value to this multiplier event were presentations from the pilot organizations who participated in project activities, (learning / teaching / training /activities) which were delivered by partners from City Library Rijeka and SOUEE "Konstantin - Cyril the Philosopher" Ruse, last year. After participating in these trainings the participants were invited to try to implement some activities in the field of language literacy and using other languages, in the form of extracurricular activities. A student and his teacher presented School blog they have made in their school and representative from library presented a plan for using gaming technology in improving cooperation between schools and libraries.
In the discussion session some of the guests expressed their interest and satisfaction of the event and presented content.


Agenda Multiplier event 16.03.2022 


Dissemination activities:





Over the past 20 years, reforms in the primary education have been implemented in the Republic of North Macedonia, which mainly focused on formal education, while neglecting the importance of extracurricular activities in schools for the overall development of the child. Thus, there was a discrepancy between regular (reformed) teaching and the realization of extracurricular activities.
Having in mind in various domestic and international reports (OECD, PISA) it has been ascertained that the achievements of pupils are very low and are in decline (especially in the field of Literacy), it is necessary to find ways and strategies for improving the situation in the schools, and in terms of teaching, but also in finding other more creative methods of learning and teaching, motivating pupils to develop the basic competences.
That is why changes are necessary, but not only as the establishment of specific standards of knowledge for each teaching subject (which refers to the study of mother tongue and / or foreign languages), but above all as the development of a flexible and modern system which will encompass the acquisition of knowledge, skills and development of attitudes in each pupil, as well as developing a system based on the competences necessary for the successful involvement of every individual in all processes of contemporary society.
The main objectives of the project is to connect and build a complementary and coherent system of primary education based on competences that are developed both through regular classes and extracurricular activities through preparation of documents, recommendations, training and guides for teachers and the exchange of innovative and creative ideas.

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